WT 150

Lifting tower to Line Array

70WTE150    discontinued

WT 150, the most compact lifting tower of the market for Line Array systems.

WT 150 is without a doubt the most compact lifting tower of the market for Line Array systems. It fits in almost any car, because it only measures 157 cm long when it is folded. It allows installing small size Line Array systems with maximum convenience.

Like the other lifters exclusively designed for Line Array systems, WT 150 gives users the assurance that they are working with a top quality lifting tower, which protects people and loads (up to 200 kg).

Dual reinforcing bars at the back of the tower help to withstand the weight of the load during operation.

Four extensible profiles made of extruded aluminium.
Exclusively designed for small and medium-size Line Array systems.
Reinforcing bars on the back and front of the lifter for additional reinforcement.
Castors at the base of the lifter.
Available colour: Silver metal and black.
WT 150 has reinforcing bars that help to withstand the weight of the load during operation.
Powerful oversized locking bolts designed to support heavier loads with ease during lifting operations. New
patented steel profile cap designed for added rigidity to the lifter.
Distance between legs gives the lifter a better stability. It also provides a space suitable for subwoofer location.
WORK® cares particularly for the quality of automatic bracke winches. They have been designed according to the norms 2006/43 EG, EN 13157 and EN 1200.
WT 150 perfectly fits in commercial vehicles. It only measures 166 cm long when it is folded.
WT 150 is fitted with castors making movement effortless.
Convenient stowing bracket for stabilizer legs during transportation.
WT 150 has been designed for Line Array systems, that is why it includes a frontal reinforcement for the bracket.
An optional fixation system provides asafe and easy installation of the Line Array speaker.
High resistance stabilizer legs with rubber made bases to be fixed on any surfaces.
Spirit level for vertical lifting. It also prevents from inadvertent movements.

Weight: 103 kg (227,07 Lb).
Min load: 30 kg (66.14 Lb).
Max load: 200 kg (440.92 Lb).
Min height: 1.57 m (5.15 ft).
Max height: 5 m (16.4 ft).
Unfolded base dimensions: 2.18 x 1.75 m (7.15 x 5.74 ft).
Folded base dimensions: 0.51 x 0.48 m (1.67 x 1.57 ft).

Truss adapter for a convenient lifting of any truss
Composition: 6 x 19+1.
Diameter: 7 mm.
Resistance: 1770 N / mm2.
Drum diameter capacity: 48 mm.
Reduction range: 10.5 : 1.
Norms and certifications:
Lifter: CE; BGV C1.
Winch: 2006/43 EG; EN 13157; EN 12100.


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