WRD 4160 AF/1

UHF wireless system

59WOR416    discontinued

4 Diversity Channel UHF Wireless System band allows to use a wide frequency range (up to 160) grouped into 10 preset groups. The selection of the group and frequency can be done by AFS infrared synchronization system . The screen of each channel of the receiver displays all necessary information for intuitive use, showing the ID channel and the group and its frequency in MHz. Also, a built-in vumeter in the display indicates the level of AF and RF signals.
The system is supplied with:
4 hand microphones (WM 4160 AF) with switch and screen showing the channel ID and group together with the battery level.
It also has a gain control with selector (Mic, Instrument or MUTE).

WRD 4160 AF
Frequency band: UHF.
Reception System: DIVERSITY.
Sensitivity: -93 dBm for 30 dB SINAD.
Image Rejection:> 60 dB.
S / N:> 90 dB.