Professional Audio



Mastering digital audio processor.

Together in a single device,a processor,compressor and a digital crossover. The 3D stereo surround processor increases spatial sensation of sound and improved stereo image. The processor of bass frequencies creates a bigger transparency and depth sound. The built-in compression system power maximizes the end signal with a compression "inaudible" and transparent. The limiter multiband "brickwall" protects the unit against any signal peak or dangerous pressure level of sound. Also, the built-in denoiser and exciter ensure a free-noise sound and ultra-transparent.The MIDI feature allows control the parameters in real time and program selection.



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    • WPE 5000
      Digital audio processor. 24 bit/48 KHz. 2 Channels. Graphic and parametric eq, Feedback supressor, Delay, Noise gate.
    • WPR 1
      Analog audio processor. 2 channels + mono output. Crossover. Low frequency enhancer.
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