Analog audio processor. 2 channels + mono output. Crossover. Low frequency enhancer.

2-channels analog audio processor.

58WCR032    discontinued

WPR 1 is an audio multiprocessor that can be used as a 2 ways Crossover and Enhancer (enhance the bass).Has 2 servo-balanced inputs and 3 outputs (L,R and mono Bass) balanced. It performs on parametres such as the cutoff frequency of bass and trebles processor or the control of the enhance of both frequency bands.

The mono bass output allows to set up the crossover frequency and the investment or no investment of the output level. Also features the BYPASS function to enable or disable the signal processing.

Inputs / outputs: 2 inputs / 3 outputs (LR-Mono Bass) balanced.
Input impedance: 40 kohm.
Freq. bass cutoff: 50Hz - 100 Hz (selectable).
Freq. treble cutoff: 1 kHz to 8 kHz (adjustable).
Freq. crossover Mono Bass: 100 Hz to 250 Hz (adjustable).
Phase Inverter: 0 ° - 180 ° (selectable).
THD: 0.005%.
Power supply: AC 230 V 50 Hz.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 155 mm.
Weight: 3.2 kg.


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