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Welcome to WorkCAD 3 to the future

The best for you ...

WorkCAD3 is an application that runs under Windows and Android platforms and controls audio, video, lighting devices .... providing the flexibility and configuration options that integrators need. Its step-by-step wizard and Drag-and-Drop philosophy offer a quick and easy working environment, where no programming or scripting knowledge is required.

... and for free!

WorkCAD3 offers professional control and revolutionary automation capabilities. The look and functionality of your interfaces are only limited by your imagination, WorkCAD3 is the perfect tool for all your projects.


Ready to work on your computer or any mobile device. Control all your devices from the palm of your hand thanks to an interface adapted to mobiles, tablets and all size screens.




  • 1. Use WorkCAD3 Editor and add the necessary controls and devices to create your own control interface.

    All you need to create your interface is a computer with the WorkCAD3 App installed, tell WorkCAD3 what kind of touch device you are going to use, what type of devices and the actions you want to perform using the configuration wizards.

  • 2. Share your interface with iOS, Android or Windows devices that you will use as a touch panel.

    Install the WorkCAD3 App in your control panel and load the interface created with WorkCAD3 Editor. The software will detect the devices on the network.

  • 3. Start the App to control all the devices.

    And that´s all, you can start to manage your devices, control the lighting, adjust the audio level, turn on a video projector. You can create a custom interface with specific controls for each user.





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