WMG 4008

40 channels. 8 subgroups. 8 send/6 return


Mixers for live performance 40 channel.
Additional 4 stereo inputs.
8 subgroups 24 multitrack outputs fed simultaneously.
3-band EQ with 1 semi-parametric mid frequency for all channels.
8 switchable AUX sends PRE/POST and SHIFT.
6 AUX returns.
Selector + 48 V phantom power on all channels.
High reliability 100 mm slide fader.
Talk back system with bus selector.
Mic preamps with high quality LOW CUT switch.
INSERT and DIRECT OUT channel on all channels.
System Folding monitored by LED channels.
Analog VU meter in the Master section.
Bus Selector, SOLO, MUTE on all channels.
BNC connector for external lighting 12 V.
External Power 19 "rack format of stability.
1430 x 670 x 300 mm.
47 Kg.


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