Wall-mount controller

82MEG414    discontinued

Mural controller for any GPI interface, as Digiline, BlueLine Digital System, LM and LM Serial GPIO series, with on and off buttons.

Possibility of establishing a configuration using the WorkCAD Designer software. (Eg silence all channels, change the settings of the audio source for a particular output, etc.) and assign one of the buttons WGC 1 this command.

Wall-mount controller for any GPI interface, like Digiline series.
Composed of buttons that switch on/off contacts.
Possibility to set up a configuration using WorkCAD Designer (e.g mute al channels, fade, change audio source configuration for a determined output, etc.) and assign it one of the buttons of WGC 1.
Set of stickers to name each button.
Easy-to-use and economical.
Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 40 mm
Weight: 700 g

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