Audio projector. IP 65. 10'' coaxial + 1'' driver. 120W (100V) - 300W (8 ohm)


This audio projector has been designed for outdoor appliances. It incorporates a 10" coaxial transducer and a 1" compression driver.It elevate IP range (IP 65) makes it very suitable for sports facilities, entertainment complexes, etc.Its 90ºx90º directivity in most of the band, making easier the contractors job designing an installation with the adequate audio dispersion. Its 2 connectivity modes (low impedance 8 Ohm and 100V line) allows to set the devices to several acoustic solutions.

WFS 10 CX incorporates the WSTB 10 H for an easy and fast installation.

This model is available in white colour.

Sound projector with coaxial transducer
Outdoor design (IP 65)
8 Ohm (300W program) / 100 V LINE (120W)
Horizontal support included WSTB 10H

Type: Sound projector with coaxial transducer
Elements: LF: 10" + HF: 1" compression driver
Power handling(8 Ohm) : 300W program / 500W peak
Power handling (100V Line): 120W
Frequency response: 89Hz - 20.5 kHz. (± 6dB)
Sensitivity(1W/1m): 104 dB
Max. SPL: 126/131 dB
Recommended sub-sonic filter: HPF 72 Hz.
Dispersion angle (H/V): 90ºx90º  ±10 (500Hz - 4kHz)
Material (housing): Black fiberglass
Material (grille): Metal
Dimensions: 593 x 326 x 470 mm
Weight:19.8 kg 

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