WEF 1010

Feedback digital suppressor. 12 program filters

Feedback digital suppressor. 12 program filters

58WEF101    discontinued

This dual mono feedback suppressor analyzes frequencies from the input signal and eliminates feedback. It features 12 NOTCH filters with -45 dB attenuation. Sensitivity is adjustable in 15 steps in order to increase or decrease these values.

WEF 1010 includes many functions like channel search selection and detection (L, R or L/R), or copy of values from a channel to another. It features 4 presets and 16 additional positions so user can set up their own filters. The LCD display allows visualizing all these functions. It additionaly features Bypass function and can be connected to MIDI/USB devices for an external control.

Digital dual mono feedback suppressor.
12 Notch filters with -45 dB attenuation.
4 presets + 16 user positions.
LCD display for function visualization.
Bypass function.
MIDI interface available.
Number of input channels: Analog 2 L/R.
Number of output channels: Analog 2 L/R.
Connectivity: MIDI/USB.
Notch filters: 2x 12 filters .
Bandwidth: 1/70, 1/20, 1/10, 1/5 oct. (selectable).
Max attenuation: -45 dB.
Sensitivity steps: 15 steps.
A/D and D/A resolution: 20 bit.
Processor resolution: 24 x 32 bit.
Input impedance: 47 kohm.
Max input level: 270 mV / 9 dBu.
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz.
S/N ratio: > 90 dB.

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