WDE 3110

Digital equalizer. 2x31 bands

58WDE310    discontinued

WDE 3110 is a digital equalizer featuring 2 x 31 bands. By using the encoder, it is possible to select frequency and edit gain. Once it has been adjusted, value can be bloqued as a protection.

It features 100 programs to store equalization configuration, which are easy to load by selecting their respective number.The internal noise door eliminates undesired frequencies. The Flat function balances the response or copy it: there is no need to duplicate creation steps.

Digital equalizer with 24 bit double DSP.
Sampling at 48 kHz and 24 bits.
2 x 31 bands with gain control at +/-16dB and +/-0.5dB adjustment.
Digital internal noise room.
Possibility to block as a protection.
Possibility to program and store up to 100 programs.
Copy function between L/R channels and isolation
Total control via MIDI.

Entradas: XLR3, Jack 1/4".
Tipo: Filtradas en RF. Servobalanceadas.
Impedancia: 40 kohm balanceada, 20 kohm desbal.
Nivel nominal: + 20 dB a +4 dB.
Salidas: XLR3, Jack 1/4".
Tipo: Electrónicamente servobalanceadas.
Impedancia: 66 ohm balanceada, 33 ohm desbal.
Max. nivel de salida: + 16 dB (+4 dB), +2 dB (-20 dB).
Ancho de Banda: 20 Hz a 20 kHz, - 1 dB.
Relación S/N: > 95 dB (20 Hz a 20 kHz).
THD: 0,0065% + 4dB, 1 kHz ganancia 1.
Crosstalk: < -95 dB, 22 Hz a 22 kHz.
Conversores Digitales: 24-bit Sigma-Delta, 64/128 veces.
Sampleo: 48 kHz.
Interfaz MIDI: Conector 5 Pin DIN, IN/OUT/THRU.
Batería: CR2032 Litio, 3V, 180 MAH.
Alimentación: 110V/230 V AC 60/50 Hz.
Fusible: 110V ( 250 mA), 230 V (125 mA).
Conector: Standard IEC.
Consumo: 10 W.
Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr): 483 x 44 x 220 mm.
Peso: 3.8 kg.


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