WD 616D KMT is a 6 channels dimmer pack ( 16 A each one) that provides the control over the lighting intensity.Complete, versatile and functional, fits any demand, being compatible with DMX 512 signals and has tri-phase power supply. WD 616D KMT has individualcontrol for each channel with LED showing the dimming value.

WD 616D KMT has functions as preheat up to 50% of the total output or DMX adressing trhough the dip-switches assignment.

6 channels digitaldimmer pack.
Input signal: DMX 512.
Load capacity: 16 Aper channel.
Total 22 kW (mono-phase), 7,4 kW ( tri-phase).
Preheat rotative control( all channels)up to50%output level.
DMX start adressconfigurablewith dip-switches.
Individually potentiometeron each channel fader.
16 A circuit breakers on each channel to protect against electrical fluctuations.
LED indicators for output levels of each channel, DMX signal detection.
Main supply: Mono-phase 230/240 V AC. Tri-phase (3P/N/E) 380 V AC.
Output power: Mono-phase 7,4 kW. Tri-phase 22 kW.
Output current: 16 A/canal.
LOad type: Resistive and inductive (no more than 15% of nominal load if it is inductive).
Signal connector: DMX in : XLR-3 pin male. DMX out: XLR-3 pin female.
Main supply connector: Terminals (L+N+E).
Output channel connector: Terminals (L+N+E) x 6.
Dimensions (W xH x D): 483 x 88 x 381 mm. (2 HU rack 19").
Weight: 8,38 kg.


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