WCR 35



58WCR031    discontinued

This crossover allows to work with differents input/output set ups, offering a big adaptability to the installation needs." modes are available : Stereo 3ways/ Mono 5ways.

WCR 35 its done with high quality components (metalfilm resistors 1% and capacitors 2%). The filters designed to this crossover are in 4° order Linkwitz-Riley , they reduce the phase problems on the cross area and guarantee the integrity of the signal in all the outputs. The really stable potentiometers with 41 positions removed the need of fixed dividers of frequency, allowing a high grade of control to the user.

the working area is selectable between 2 ranks: from 80-900 Hz and/or from 800-9000 Hz.Its fall in 24dB/octave allows to have a specific rank of frequencies. Each band of frequencies has its own gain level and threshold limiter. Last of all, the mono bass output gives a mono output sum of right and left channels.

Electronic filter with 3 ways stereo or 5 ways mono.
Components that ensure the signal integrity : high accuracy metafilm resistors and high stability capacitors.
41 detent potentiometers for a total control working in 2 selectable ranks: 80-900 Hz y 800-9000 Hz.
High control accuracy in all the parameters.

Selectable Mode: Stereo 3-way / mono 5-way.
Inputs: Balanced XLR-Servo.
Input filter: RF and 15 Hz high pass filter on each input.
Control Input Gain:-12dB to +12 dB.
Input impedance: 60 kohm.
Outputs: XLR Balanced Servo.
THD: 0.005.
Noise level: -92 dBu (20 Hz to 22 kHz).
Crosstalk @ 20kHz: 50 dBu.
Power supply: 220/100-120 V AC; 50/60Hz.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 155 mm.
Weight: 3.3 kg.


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