WCM 10 D

Delegate microphone for CMU 100

Delegate microphone for CMU 100


The CMU conference system is an easy but effective system for installations where is not required a big complexity and, above all,the most important thing is the simplicity of the installation and a good performance on the signal addition and priority settlement.
CMU 100 is the main unit of the conference system, which supplies power to all the elements. There are also available audio andcommutation controls: on the front panel users can find controls for phone input, headphones, aux. inputs and microphones. It includesa balanced XLR output and an unbalanced RCA Rec output. In addition, it has a Limit switch control to limit the number of openmicrophones at the same time (1, 3 or 6) even allowing to turn them off automatically.

The CMU 100 allows to connect simultaneously up to 70 microphones, which makes it perfect for small city councils, conference rooms, etc. The CMU system iscompleted by its microphones WMC 10 D (delegated unit) and WMC 10 C (director unit).

WCM 10 D: This microphone is equipped with a speaker and a cardioid electret microphone. To prevent feedbacks, the speaker turns off while the microphone is used. A red light is available to indicate to the other participants which microphone is active. KCM 2 cable included.

WCM 10 C: This microphone  is designed for the person who leads the reunions. It has the same functions as the delegated microphone, but it also includes a priority button, in order to turn off all the delegated microphones.

  • Delegadet microphone for conference system CMU 100.
  • Integrated speakers.
  • Microphone: cardioid electret.
WCM 10 D
Microphone: Electret unidirectional.
Frequency response: 50 Hz - 16 kHz.
SNR: >81 dB.
Sensitivity: -15 dB.
Dynamic range: >85 dB.
Main supply: DC 24 V.
Dimensions: 150 x 135 x 435 mm.
Weight: 1,7 kg.