WBAR 9610 TR

LED lighting bar

28LED123    discontinued

WBAR 9610 TR is a lighting bar with 96 1W RGB LEDs (32R, 32G, 32B). The position of the LED allows to create a uniform colour along the bar lenght.

Thanks to the lens built-in in each LED, itsbeamangle is lower than 30°, which make it possible to focus on the output bea,. It also has a groove to hang it up on a lighting bracket or lifting tower.

For its control, this device can work in manual or DMX mode. The manual mode includes 4 preset programs in addition to the control of the dimmer valur, speed, general level of each colour and loop start.

DMX control includes differents modes: 1 channel (total), 3 channels (RGB) and 8/12/14 channels (individual control of each of the 4 groups in which is possible to divide the bar). WBAR 9610 TR offers an appropriate solution for touring installations, theatres, etc.

Number of LEDs: 96 (32R+32G+32B) 1W each one.
Working modes: Manual, Audio, DMX (1,3,8,12,14 channels).
Beam angle: 30°.
Power supply: 100-240 V AC 47-63 Hz.
Dimensions: 1310 x 65 x 90 mm.
Weight: 6,5 kg.

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