6 LEDs RGBWA UV (6 in 1) 12W each one. Wireless. Battery. Up to 12 DMX channels

6 LEDs RGBWA UV (6 in 1) 12W each one. Wireless. Battery. Up to 12 DMX channels


LED WI 712 is a lightingprojector it incorporates 7 LEDs 6 in 1( R,G,B,A,W,UV) of 12W each one. The posibility of making the mix from unique lightpoint, it allows to produce a colour with high uniformity when it lights up, walls, stages and specific places. Among its main features, stands out its built-in battery because it allows to use the device being at maximum power during 3 hours. Likewise it possible to control functions through wireless DMX,using, the UNIVERSAL CONTROL DMX device as external controller. It has several performance modes: Auto( with several programs), master/slave and DMX. In the last mode, it`s possible to select several channel modes: 12,9,7,6,5,4 including main dimmer, dimmers with primary colours.

Input Voltage : AC 100-240V /50-60 Hz
Consumption: 90W
Control: DMX,Auto, master/slave
Function effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change
Touch buttons, automatic lock key
Built-in temperature control measurement function. when LED work overheated, the system reduces  LED output power.
Dimensions: 287,3 x 270,1x 166 mm
Net weight: 5.2 kg
Beam angle: 25º
IP rating: IP 65
7 LEDs 6 in 1(R,G,B,A,W,UV) de 12W c.u.
DMX mode: 12,9,7,6,5,4 channels 

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