19 LEDs RGBW . 15W each one. 21/35/109 DMX chann. Beam angle 10-50°. Rack included


SIDIUS LED 285/4 an innovative moving head that consists the last development to create an efficient and smart product, elegant design and stylish forms that combines the most advanced technology in light devices.

SIDIUS LED 285/4 has 19 brilliant LEDs R,G,B & W (4 in 1) and 15W e.o. Thanks to the detailed design, the mix of colours is really pure, adjusting independently every intensity of every colour R,G,B y W.
Using the interactive menu, is possible execute the main programs, configure the execution using audio or with the slave-master connection, the white balance configuration, invert the axis or the turn speed and two angle options, PAN. It also has some effects like rainbow, variable strobe and dimmer levels.
To control the device via DMX, SIDIUS LED 285/4 has three modes using 21, 35 and 109 channels, depending the grade of specific control, controlling a specific colour in every LED.
Also is possible access to all the functions, from predefined colours (until 38), strobe effects with different speed levels, focus, PAN and TILT movements and 7 programs already integrated.
SIDIUS LED 285/4 has a fast response in movement, some features as resistant to impacts and with a good heat dispel. The applications range of the SIDIUS LED 285/4 is really ample and for example this device can be used in big stages as fixed elements, wash effects in the background, theatres, lightness in the stages, mobile stages, pubs etc.
Moving head LED (19 LEDs RGBW 4 in 1) 15W e.o.
Beam angle: 10°- 50°.
PAN/TILT movement: 540°/270° (8 and 16 bits).
Touch screen for the configuration.
Features: White balance, checks, level configuration, axis inversion.
Control: DMX (3 modes: 21, 35 y 109 channels).
Functions: Strobe, programs (7 programs preset), 38 colours prefixed, PAN/TILT with speed control.
Power supply: AC 110/230V 50/60Hz.
Dimensions: 365 x 256 x 476 mm.
Weight: 15.2 kg.
Rack included.


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