Moving head. 63 WHITE LEDS. Independent controlled modules. DMX and RDM

LED Moving head fixture

83END018    discontinued

Offering awesome power, incredible speed and total flexibility, SHAPESHIFTER is the new and innovative range from High End Systems. Designed by Richard Belliveau, prepare to have your mind shifted! 7 independently controlled modules housed in one moving fixture create a multitude of highly defined beams coming together to form an amazing array of effects from the incredibly bold to the ultra subtle. All elements of the fixture are lightning fast giving the designer the largest palette of creative options available, all from one fixture.  Alongside total control High End Systems has provided Module Macros with almost 150 available to the user. These have been custom written to provide the user with a fast and intuitive way to create powerful effects in a very short space of time. These Macros are further enhanced by speed and cross fade controls. High End Systems are true innovators and SHAPESHIFTER is the fulcrum of the new generation of LED products  being released.

Innovative concept of LED moving head fixture with multiple effects
7 LED panels with high light intensity
Innovador concepto de cabeza móvil LED con múltiples efectos
6 of the 7 panels with 36ºX/Y movement
Custom integrated lens
High contrast beams
10º narrow beams
Ultra fast PANT & TILT movements
Onboard dynamic macros
Indigo Backlighter LEDs
Color LCD MENU with battery
Enviromental Fan control
RDM compatible
Roadcase included

63 White LED Cree XPE2
Lumens: 13500 
LEDs working hours: 50000

Power supply 100-240VAC @50-60Hz
Dimmensions: 388x320x569 mm
Weight: 20.5 kg
Dimmensions Flightcase (dual): 940x584x762mm
Weight with Flightcase: 89kg (dual)