DMX controller

DMX controller

55SCE024    discontinued

SCENE 24 is a conventional DMX lighting mixer. Its many functions make it really appropriate for theatres, studios and stages .This mixer can divide 24 output channels at 2 x 12, and then mix scenes easily, with a simple fader movement. SCENE 24 has a high back-up to store different scenes and sequences settings.

SCENE 24 allows to edit multiple programs simultaneously, and at the same time, chases, scenes and sequences can be edited in a independent and simultaneous way. This option, allows to create multiple effects from a small amount of templates.

Pre recorded programs can be triggered remotely by MIDI output.

Lighting console.
Control of 24 DMX lighting channels.
96 programs of 48 steps each (4608 steps in total).
Flash switches for all channels.
Fade time control: from 0 to 10 min.
Editing sequences and scenes.
Memory against current failures.
Running scenes using audio (internal microphone), Speed, Standard Beat.
Ability to run multiple programs simultaneously.
MIDI interface.
Control Interface for DMX fog machine trigger.
Power supply: 12-20 V DC, 500 mA (included power supply unit).
Dimensions: 483 x 264 x 85 mm.
Weight: 4,6 kg.


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