Installation 100v

RCS 303/BT


Ceiling speakers.

RCS 303 BT is a ceiling speaker designed for music and speech applications, easy installation and multiple applications.
With its mounting diameter Ø 95mm fits perfectly in a installation with MR-16 lamps. The chassis is made from ABS plastic resin and wire mesh. Moreover, their attachment system with collapsible hitches provides a perfect grip.



    Related Products

    • AT 106
      Volume control. 6W. 10 power taps
    • MKS 1400
      Speaker cable. Black. 100m roll
    • PA 90/2 USB
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    Alternative Products

    • IC 5 M
      Ceiling speaker. 25 W @ 8 Ohm. 5'' Woofer + 1'' Tweeter.
    • IC 550 T
      Ceiling speaker. 6 W @ 8 Ohm. 6/3/1.5 W @ L100V. 5.25'' woofer + 0.5'' tweeter. Quick assembly.
    • IC 5S
      Ceiling speaker. 10 W @ 8 Ohm. 10/5/2.5/1.25 W @ L100V. 5.25'' Woofer + 1'' Tweeter (rotatable).
    • RCS 403 PRO T
      Ceiling speaker. 3/6 W @ L100V. 3.5'' woofer.
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