LED effects

LED effects


This LED panel has been designed for video animation.PUZZLED PCB PRO VIDEOtakes advantage of the SMD technology that generates colour from a unique point, creating a natural chromatic tone.

Essential fixtures for lighting designers.
This panel can be used as background in any kind of installations: theatre stages, TV studios, macro discotheques, touring, etc.
For an easy installation, a mounting accessory (made of ABS plastic) connects panels together and can be deformed to create forms like curves, squares, etc.

Total control on fixtures.
Each pixel is controlled by 3 DMX channels (one per colour). This allows using video controllers or even DMX recorders. Automatic DMX addressing is another advantage, as there is no waste of time for individual configuration of panels.
PUZZLED PCB VIDEOsupports DMX 512 signals and DMX 1000K (proprietary high speed protocol / 1M). It perfectly works with mapper software and LED video converters (e.g. DMX-NET 8).

Colour range: 16.700.000 (24bit).
Distance between pixels: 63.5 mm.
LED quantity: 16 RGB SMD LEDs.
Lifetime: 50000 h.
Main supply: DC 24V.
Power consumption: 9.6 W.
Beam angle: 120°.
Protocol: DMX 512 / DMX 1000K (1M).
Control capacity: 48 DMX channels.
Dimensions: 203 x 203 x 15 mm.
Weight: 120 g.

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