LED projector

LED projector


This projector is composed of 18 LEDS of 3W each one. It adds the three RGB colours at the same LED to get the mix from a single point and to obtain a uniform colour.

The DMX control of the unit depends on the working mode selected (36 variations, macro selection and brightness configuration, RGB individual control, fusion of previous modes besides of control, strobe and master). This projectors also work in audio mode through one of the 6 preset programs. Its IP range make it suitable for outdoor installations.

Number of LEDs: 18 RGB (3in 1).
LED Consumption: 3W each one.
DMX Channels: 1,2,3,7 (depending on the working mode selected).
Beam angle: 25°.
IP range: IP 65.
Main supply: 100-240 V AC 47-63 Hz.
Consumption:62 W (230 V AC).
Dimensions:265 x 333 x 296 mm.
Weight: 7,1 kg.

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