Amplifier. 2x100W 8 ohm/70/100V. RJ45 (RS 485 commands)


PA 200 is an installed sound amplifier that can operate with low impedance or 70/100 V line loudspeakers. The operating mode is selected through a switch in the rear side and a dispswitch block which has some terminals reserved for future improvements. It incorporates switching power. It also incorporates an unbalanced LINE input with its own volume control and LEDs which mark the signal presence anda limit state. In the rear side is allocated a RJ45 connector which admits RS485 commands from an external device in order to control some features.

  • Switching power amplifier.
  • 2x100W@8 ohm- 200W @ 70/100V
  • Remote control by RS485 commands.
  • Remote control by RS485 commands.

Output power
2x100W @ 8Ohm/200W (70/100V Line)
1 LINE (Audio),1 RJ45 (RS485 commands)
1kHz,15W,8/16 Ohm <=0.1%    
1kHz, 30W,70V/100V <=0.2%
Frequency response
20 Hz-20 kHz 0dB-0.5dB 
Main supply AC power
110V - 240V, 50 Hz/60Hz (switching power)
215x264x48 mm
2.3 Kg 

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