Professional Audio

PA 1254


Power amplifier 4 x 150 W @ 4 Ohm.


PA 1254 is a new power amplifier for low impedance installations. It incorporates 4 channels with 150W each one, and 9 operating modes, depending on the installation requirements.

    No. Chanels4
    W/Ch @ 8 Ohm90 W
    W/Ch @ 4 Ohm150 W
    W/Ch @ 2 Ohm230 W
    W Bridge @ 8 Ohm310 W
    W Bridge @ 4 Ohm400 W
    Frequency Range20 Hz - 20 KHz
    THD+N<0.1 %
    S/N Rate>96 dB
    Input Sensitvity2.21 dBu
    Its four channels can work independently with their own volume control and, on the other hand, the amplifier can be configured as a 3-channel amplifier (2.1), which means 2 independent stereo / parallel channels and 2 combined channels for the subwoofer in bridge mode.
    As a 3-channel amplifier, PA 1254 integrates crossover function with a low-pass filter for the subwoofer and two high-pass filters with frequency adjustment.
    These possibilities offer customers a versatile device that can be used in more types of applications, from 4 independent rooms or controls in equalized systems for TV rooms
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