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27FOC030    discontinued

OUTGOBO is a rotating gobo projector which is possible to use in outdoor installations thanks to its IP range. In addition, it has an advanced optic system.

The gobo holder fits directly into the fixation

The main advantage of this system is that itis interchangeable, allowing to bring the gobo closer or further from the lenses or even remove any of them in order to obtain certain effects on the gobo. It can be used either metal or glass gobos with a maximum diameter of 53.3 mm and a image size below 40 mm.

The way to place the gobos is quite simple. Its internal optic system is composed of a reflective parabolic reflector and a lens in the front panel, in addition to 3 non-reflective lens with differents diameters and features and an additional lenses holder to place a extra lens. It can be moved through the fixation rail or even removed in order to adjust the zoom. The gobo system can be rotated using the internal controller which allows also to modify the speed of the turn. The internal refrigeration of the unit is made with a fan. The system is placed into a compact, robustand sealed enclosure with a fixation handle.

Rotating gobo projector for outdoor use (IP 55).
Gobo diameter: 53,3 mm.
Drawing diameter: 40 mm máximo.
Gobo holder speed control.
Beam angle: 19° a 30°
Inner optic systemcomposed of 3 different lenses (plus an additional slot) and reflective mirror.
Inner interchangeablelenses.
Lamp type: CDM-SA/T 150 (150 W).
Main supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 440 x 305 x 480 mm.
Weight: 12 kg.

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