MW 900/2 (+MWS99)

UHF wireless system

UHF wireless system


This wireless system connects a guitar to an amplification system without the need to use a bodypack as an transmitter that is more uncomfortable. This system includes a transmitter that plugs directly into the jack 1/4" of the guitar.The high brightness LCD displays AF and RF levels and the frequency channel used. The system operates in the UHF band, allowing use up to 99 preset channels. The device automatically searches for the correct channel synchronized between transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is powered by an internal lithium battery that can be recharged using the receptor receiver. The receiver operates in Diversity mode, eliminating noise caused by distance or other devices within the same band.Its large format LCD screen displays all the information of signal levels, channel and frequency it is operating, allowing for a channel change and subsequent synchronization with the transmitter, quickly and easily.

Wireless Guitar System (MW 9).
UHF band (460-990 MHz).
Diversity Receiver.
LCD screen (showing RF level, AF, channel and frequency).
Automatic scanning frequency.
System PLL. 99 preset channels.
External power DC or 1.5 V AA batteries x 4 RECEIVER.
Use SMT.
Lithium Battery TRANSMITTER.
Can be loaded from the receiver.
50-80 m.


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