Sound projector. 50 W @ 8 Ohm. 50/25/12.5/9/4.5/3.5 W @ L100V. 6'' Woofer + 2.5'' Tweeter. ABS plastic.

Sound projector.


MSH 30/BT is a sound projectors with a full range speaker. It provides efficient directionality. MSH 30/BT features a two way system to optimize acoustic response. Thanks to its high IP range, it is ideal for outdoor installations and other areas suffering adverse weather conditions. Its aluminium handle enables a fast mounting operation.

High quality sound projector.
Designed to provide an efficient directionality.
Suitable for high impedance (70/100 V voltage line) and low impedance (8 ohm) installations.
Excellent response for any frequency range.
Ideal for outdoor installations and other areas suffering adverse weather conditions.

Type: Projector 2-way audio
Elements: 6 "woofer + 2.5" TWT.
Power (100 V line): 50 W (200 ohm) / 25 W (400 ohm) / 12.5 W (800 ohm) / 9 W (1k1 ohm) / 4.5 W (2k2 ohm) / 3.5 W (2k8 ohm).
Power (Line 70 V): 25 W (197 ohm) / 12.5 W (392 ohm) / 6.5 W (753 ohm) / 4.5 W (1k2 ohm) / 2.7 W (1k8 ohm) / 1.7 W (2k8 ohm).
Low impedance power: 50 W to 8ohm.
Frequency response: 90 Hz-20 kHz.
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 99 dB.
Max. SPL. 115dB.
IP Rating: IP 56.
RAL color: RAL 7035.
Material (enclosure): ABS Plastic.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 363 x 253 x 310 mm.
Weight: 3.9 kg.


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