MR 17 FOLLOW SPOT incorporates a 17R 350W lamp.

MR 17 FOLLOW SPOT incorporates a 17R 350W lamp.


The configurable functions include 6 the direct access button (one per color available), dimmer control, iris and zoom opening/closing and focus adjustment. However, it is possible to control the color temperature (between 3200K to 6500K), achieving a wide cold and warm color tones which adapt to the purpose installation.The device incorporates a stand to the fix it with extensible legs and tube, as much as pin security.The whole set is included in a transport flight case made of wood with metallic corners and with inner foam. It incorporates 4 wheels (2 with auto-brake) for an easy transport.


Power: 230V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 420W
Lamp: YODN 17R 350W
Output: 4200 lm
Dimmer: Lineal
Colour wheel: 5 Color+Spot
Adjustable Iris
Colour temperature: 3200K-6500K+frost
Zoom: 5º-10º
IP Range: 20
Dimensions: 918x348x314 mm
Weight: 26Kg
Includes tripod support

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