MQ Stadium Wing


30 Playbacks, 4 encoders, 15'' full HD display, 4 DMX ports, internal UPS


The MagicQ Stadium Wing is the latest in ChamSys Stadium series designed to operate at the highest level of show control.  

The MagicQ Stadium Wing features 30 Playbacks and 4 Execute Encoders. The 30 Playbacks are pageable separately as 15 Fader Playbacks and 15 Execute Playbacks. All Playbacks feature full electronic legending on screen. 

The 4 Execute Encoders are multi purpose and can be assigned functions from the Execute and other MagicQ Windows to enhance playback performance.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing incorporates a full HD multi touch display with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support.  The display connects directly to DVI video output from a MagicQ MQ500 or from a MagicQ MQ80 console using the DVI cable provided.  Any MagicQ Window can be transferred to the display on the Stadium Wing.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing also includes 4 DMX outputs to expand the DMX capabilities of the system and an inbuilt UPS for added security.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing conects to the MagicQ console via a locking Neutrik USB cable.

    DMX Output / DMX Input4 x XLR5 / No.
    RDM ControlYes.
    Internal Monitor15" multitouch.
    External MonitorNo.
    Network PortsNo.
    Audio In/OutNo / No.
    MIDI/OSCNo / No.
    LTC/MTCNo / No.
    USB Ports1 x Neutrik locking USB.
    Inbuilt WifiNo.
    Remote Input PortNo.
    Faders/Encoders15 + 15 Execute / 4.
    Iluminated Soft Buttons/Faders/EncodersYes / No / No.
    Media Server SupportNo.
    Wing Support/MulticonsoleNo / No.
    Cues/GroupsNo / No.
    Number of FixturesNo.
    Silent VersionNo.
    • Wing for MAGICQ STADIUM MQ500 and MAGICQ MQ80
    • 15 playback faders
    • 15 execute FADER
    • 4 enconders
    • 15" full HD display with adjustable viewing angle
    • Multi touch
    • 4 DMX ports
    • Internal UPS
    • Dimensions: 471 x 587 x 85
    • Weight: 13 kg