Moving head. 36x3W LEDs. (6R+12G+12B+6W). 14 DMX channels

Moving head. 36x3W LEDs. (6R+12G+12B+6W). 14 DMX channels


MOVILED 363 W MKII is a moving head that includes 36x 3W distributed among the 4 primary colours: 6 Red, 12 Green, 12 Blue, 6 White. These brilliant LEDs allow to obtain a rich colour spectrum mixing the R, G, B, W. 

Its high quality motors offer smooth movements in 8 and 16bit with a wide displacement. The configuration interface has a display with all information and buttons to navigate through menus, selecting parameters such as: Pan/Tilt reverse, display inversion, audio sensitivity or reset function.

The device includes DMX mode (14 channels) with basic movements, basic colour dimmer (with mixing function) and strobe function.


  • Moving head which includes 36x3W LEDs. (6R+12G+12B+6W)
  • Display and interface for setting functions.
  • Pan/Tilt Reverse.
  • 2 fixation ways: rigging or flat surface.
Power Supply
100-240 V 50/60 Hz
150 W
Light source
36x 3W LEDs (6R+12G+12B+6W)
Beam angle

0-100 Linear Adjustment
540º  8-16 bit
270º  8-16 bit 
DMX Channels
14 channels
DMX 512 /Audio/Auto/Master-Slave
Input connections
3 pin XLR
Output connections
3 pin XLR
IP range
Dimensions (WxHxD)
250 x 200 x 300 mm
6 Kg

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