Professional Audio

MMX 62


9 channel analog mixer.

MMX 62 is a mixer that features 6 Mic/Line channels and 3 stereo channels, with 3 band equalizer and stereo Master output. It is adequate for several types of installations, from conference rooms, to bars, shops, hotels, etc.

All the mono inputs are balanced and they can be selected as Line or Mic input. It is possible to activate the phantom power supply if necessary. The input connector (combi type) provides XLR and Jack connectors.

MMX 62 has two types of balanced outputs: one for stereo configuration and other for mono configuration, both with XLR connectors. It also has an unbalanced (REC OUT) recording stereo output with RCA connectors. A priority channel is available on the first output. Users can set the priority input curve using a potentiometer located on the rear panel of the mixer.

Additionally, MMX 62 features a DC 24 V input power supply to protect the mixer from electric power failure.


    • 9 channel mixer, including:
    • 6 balanced channels Mic/Line with Phantom power supply.
    • 3 stereo channels.
    • Stereo balanced output.
    • Mono balanced input.
    • Rec stereo unbalanced output.
    • First channel priority of MIC/LINE with Talkover adjustment.
    • 3 band equalizer.
    • DC 24 V secondary power supply connexion (emergency, back-up).

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