RGB Dimmers

RGB Dimmers


MINIDIM RGB PRO is the updated version of this 3 channels dimmer. Its design allow a maximum load of 12A (4A per each monochromatic RGB output). This unit is perfectly suitable to control RGB LED strips. Thanks to its compact size, it is possible to put it beside the lighting source, being unnoticed and getting rid of bulky dimmers. It allows to connect a LED strip of DC 12V as well as DC 24V.

It has three function modes that can be configured with the dipswitches:

DMX MODE: choosing the start channel we can control the level of each colour individually with the signal received from a console.

MANUAL MODE: with this mode users can set a fixed value for each colour. It has 8 percentage values for each colour.

STAND ALONE MODE: This mode has 7 colour change patterns plus another cyclic pattern with 8 default settings for fade time and speed.

Number of channels: 3 channels (R,G,B)
Power per channel: 4A per channel
Max. load: 12A maximum
Operation modes: DMX (3 channels), Manual, Stand Alone
Conection: Terminals
Main supply: DC 12-24V
Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 18 mm
Weight: 125 g

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