MFH 5000 PRO

Fog machine

29MFH500    discontinued

This powerful fog machine allows the creation of atmospheres in big spaces thanks to the control of either the amount of liquid and the power it has when it comes out of the machine. Its big tank (2.5L) adds a liquid tight system that avoids spills during its transportation and handling. It offers an accurate control of the temperature and thanks to that it gives a dense fluid output, avoiding drippings.

The interface at the rear panel allows to control de unit. It adds a LCD screen in order to visualise all the possible functions of the device: from the manual trigger or timer to the configuration of the duration, interval, fluid volume and strength with which it comes out. Besides, it is possible to control it through DMX using 2 channels (fan speed and liquid volume).

For its fixation and transportation it adds a central handle and 2 fixation points at the sides for security cables.

Power: 1600 W.
Warm-up: 2,5 minutos.
Tank capacity: 2,5 L.
Output: 3500 pies cúbicos/minuto.
Control: Mando con cable /DMX (2 canales).
Main supply:AC 220 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 630 x 343 x 326 mm.
Weight: 12,5 kg.

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