MF 900 PRO

Fog machine integrated in a flightcase. 900W. Capacity 3.5l. 1 DMX channel

29MMF901    discontinued

MF 900 PRO is a 900W fog machine of integrated in a transport flightcase, in this way, its transport and package is very simple. The interface allows to configure several functions of the advice, allowing to select the trigger and duration interval (both functions between 1 and 200 seconds), the level output and fun control for its dispersion ( both functions between 1 and 100%).

Consumption: 900W
Preheat: 25 min
level output: 3500 cuft/min
DMX control: 1 control channel, manual, timer.
Power Supply: AC 230V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 534x590x265mm