MF 750 UP

Fog machine with led projector

Fog machine with led projector


MF 750 UP is a fog machine with vertical shoot and with 3W RGB LEDs e.o.

The smoke can get 4 meters in altitude. The result is an amazing effect that simulates a fountain in different colours.
The device is designed for interior parts, this effects can be over surfaces as stages or trusses.
The device can be configured using the interface that incorporates and integrates the buttons menu and a display that shows the active function in the moment. Using the screen, is possible select different modes, as fixed colours (9 in total), random colours, 4 patterns that changes colours continuously or the manual trigger.
The wireless remote control in the unity allows the control of the trigger.
LEDs: 9 (R,G,B) LED 3W e.o.
Power: 750W.
Warm Up: 4.5 min.
Tank capacity: 2.5 l.
Dimensions: 407 x 264 x 195.5 mm.
Weight: 6.7 kg.

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