MD 82 AX

8-channels digital microphone mixer. Control RS485

8-channels digital microphone mixer. Control RS485

82MEG200    discontinued

MD 82 AX is a mixer for microphones which integrates a large series of attractive features that allow to optimize the installation and to outfit with multiple audio signal control and management possibilities. This mixer incorporates 8 balanced inputs. It provides individual input level control and master level.

The encoder in the frontal side allows to navigate through a configuration menu with the different parameters on each channel. Among the functions to be performed, we can set three tone control, low-pass and high-pass filters (with frequency adjustment) and 4 anti-feedback levels. All this information is showed in the LCD display.

All inputs have switch to enable the connection of +48V phantom power supply microphones. The two features that represent an interesting development are the Auto-mixer functionality and the RS485 interface for external commands.

In the first case, this functionality allows to set a value (TARGET) marked as maximum level of the channel, and another parameter (GAIN), which marks the quantity of amplification that the channel needs to reach the TARGET value. This functionality allows several configurations according to the installation requirements.
One option will be to set the same TARGET threshold in all channel in order that all microphones have the same level. Another option will be to set several TARGET values on each channel in order that these channels will have preponderance over the rest. This gain correction is made in real time, allowing an autonomous control in the installation without being worried about the controls once set the desired configuration.
The RS485 functionality allows the mixer to receive commands from an external devices which set parameters like minimum value on each channel or master, tone controls, to activate the gain or the TARGET threshold.
Type: 8 microphone channels mixer.
Input sensitivity: 5 mV (1kHz output 1V). 
Maximum input level: 105 mV (1kHz THD -1%). 
Maximum output level: > 4V (Balanced). 
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20kHz. 
Phantom power supply: +48V selectable. 
Functionalities: Input gain, low pass filter, high pass filter, antifeedback (per channel), master level, encoder, LCD display.
Automixer function: TARGET and GAIN parameters configurables.
Main supply: AC 230 V - 50/60 Hz. 
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 44 x 150 mm. 
Weight: 1.9 kg.

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