LX 166

Green LASER 60 mW. DMX control (9 channels) and audio control

Green LASER 60 mW. DMX control (9 channels) and audio control


This LASER effect has a green laser diode and a series of geometrical patterns that, along with a great amount of configurable parameters, allow to create a wide range of effects. It has two working modes: Master/Slave with 42 presets, Audio with 25 geometrical patterns, working constantly each 12 seconds and DMX mode with 9 control channels.

This last mode shows the versatility of this device because it allows to select a pattern and modify its vertical and horizontal rotation, zoom, draw, etc.

  • Laser effect.
  • Power: green diode  523 nm, 60mW.
  • Control modes: Master/slave, Audio DMX.
  • DMX channels: 9 DMX channels.
  • Presets: 42 presets.
  • Patterns: 25 geometrical patterns.
Main supply: AC 85-265V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 9W
Dimensions: 300 x 210 x 70 mm
Weight: 2 kg

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