Load: 100 Kg. Ø 35. Height: 3,3 mt. Weight: 21 Kg. Black

Load: 100 Kg. Ø 35. Height: 3,3 mt. Weight: 21 Kg. Black

70LWN330    Blackdiscontinued

Easy transport and total safety.

This telescopic tower for lifting is composed of three extensible steel profiles by means of a high traction resistant cable. The latter is guided by pulley featuring auto-lubricated bearing.

The specific design of this lifter ensures an easy transport in cars and small vehicles, thanks to its folding system that considerably reduces its height. Its base with 2 adjustable legs allows to use in on irregular surfaces.

All the mobile system is fi xed with safety fastener locks that are necessary during the tower strain. It also features an automatic-brake winch, according to the VBG 8/10.93 norm and the TÜV 9591009 certification.


For installers in their many activities.
For any common lifting operations.

- Three extensible steel sections.
- Reduced size / fits in all type of vehicles.
- Diameter: 35mm / compatible with many accessories.
- Finish: Black.

Weight: 21 Kg.
Load capacity: 100 Kg.
Maximum height: 3,3m.
Diameter: 35 mm.
Folded base diameter: 1,02m.

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