LW 130

Lighting stand

Lighting stand


LW 130 is one of the most reliable lighting stand in the market. Like the previous models, it includes an automatic-brake winch.

Made of steel, with silver metal colour, it easily holds loads of 100 kg and lifts them at 3 meters high. It features foldable legs and an extensible mast. Its firmed and balanced base ensures a safe operation.

Uses: For the elevation of professional lighting material.

Foldable and extensible lighting stand.
Automatic brake winch.
Made of steel.
Suitable with many accessories thanks to 35 mm diameter (male).
Colour: black/silver metal.
Extensible mast, using the automatic-brake winch.
LW 130 is suitable with many accessories thanks to its 35 mm diameter tube.
This strong lifting stand is made of steel for a better resistance.
LW 130 has an automatic brake winch to lift loads up to 100 kg at 3 m.
Accessories: AW 137 / AW 237 / AW 337 / AW 537 / AW 2/37 / CP1 / P2 / AW 1.

Weight: 13 kg (28.66 Lb).
Min load: 25 kg (55.12 Lb).
Max load: 100 kg (220.46 Lb).
Min height: 1.58 m (5.18 ft).
Max height: 3 m (9.84 ft).
Diameter: 35 mm (1.4").
Unfolded base diameter: 1.64 m (5.38 ft).

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