Light ON 3


DMX controller. 512 chanels. Ethernet, USB.


    DMX Output / DMX Input2(XLR3 + XLR5) / XLR3
    Internal MonitorLCD 60x120 pixels with adjust contrast.
    External MonitorVGA 800x600 opcional card
    Network Ports1
    Audio In/OutNo / No
    MIDI/OSCNo / No
    LTC/MTCNo / No
    USB Ports1
    Inbuilt WifiNo
    Remote Input PortNo
    Faders/Encoders24 / 0
    Iluminated Soft Buttons/Faders/Encoders25 / 0 / 0
    Media Server SupportNo
    Wing Support/MulticonsoleNo / No
    Cues/Groups20 Playbacks with 99 steps / 0
    Number of Fixtures8 Moving heads up to 40 chanels and 8 Led
    Silent VersionYes
    Master Carton0.680.370.3212.50
    • Multi purpose lighting consoles: conventional lighting, moving heads and LED fixtures.
    • 60x 128 dots LCD display with contrast control.
    • USB port for download/upload data and upgrade internal software.
    • ArtNet port for a fast communication with compatible devices.
    • 6 operating modes: Single scene, Double scene, Sub Master, Moving Light, LED and Memory.
    • 24 faders for conventional lighting, moving heads and LED fixtures.
    • 576 programmable scenes (48 scenes x 12 pages) in Sub Master mode for conventional lighting.
    • Control of 8 moving lights, with up to 40 channels for each one.
    • 20 playbacks of 99 steps each, using Moving Light mode.Control of 8 RGBA LED fixtures.
    • 20 playbacks of 99 steps each, using LED mode.
    • 12 integrated effects, each one with programmable fade time and speed (up to 99 steps for each effect).
    • Memory mode to mix Sub master, Moving Light and LED operating modes.
    • Grand Master fader to control the overall output.
    • A and B faders with separate output that allow crossfade between them.
    • Blackout function.Back-lighted buttons that change their colour depending on their state.
    • Main supply: 9-12 V DC, 2A (included power supply unit).
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 265 x 66 mm.


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