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Self-powered ceiling loudspeaker.

IC 6 Pro A is an innovative ceiling speaker that includes a 25 W amplifier and which is controlled by DMX. IC 6 Pro A can cover many zones (512 zones per universe). This is a convenient solution for integrators in order to control each speaker independently from the others, using a DMX console.

Taking advantage of digital control.
DMX is a protocol that has been initially designed for lighting consoles, but it is also well-known by integrators because it is compatible with the most common control devices (Creston, AMX, etc.). Each IC 6 Pro A uses a DMX channel for volume control and to switch on/off the amplifier (Standby mode for energy savings). A DIP switch is available on rear panel to select the start DMX address.

Self-powered speaker.
IC 6 Pro A drives up to 25 W (8 ohm) thanks to its built-in class D amplifier. It also features a balanced input to use long distance cables in the installation.


    Master Carton0.560.290.4710.66
    Self-powered, two way ceiling speaker.
    25 W class D amplifier.
    RS485/DMX or Analog signal (DC 0-10 V) for volume control.
    Power On/Off (standby) through DMX.
    Balanced input signal.
    DIP switch for DMX address selection.
    White LED on front panel to indicate if the unit is turned on.

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