Wall-mounted 2 x 20 W amplifier with volume control


Audio controller and 2 x 20 W amplifier.

Home eAMP is a ultra-compact amplifier of 2 x 20 W with audio controller. It features two audio inputs, so users (e.g. customers of an hotel) can choose between background music coming from the rear input and their personal audio player, which can be directly connected to the front panel input of the device (with priority).

An elegant design and an intuitive device.

The elegant shape of HomeAMP allows its integration in any environment. With its modern lines and LED colours, it is another element of the decoration. Its user-friendly encoder makes possible the overall control of the installation (push it to switch on/off the device and turn it to adjust volume).

Audio controller and 2 x 20 W amplifier.
Two audio inputs: one on rear panel for background music, one on front panel (Mini-Jack).
Elegant shape for an easy integration in installations.
User-friendly central encoder: Push it to switch on7off the device and turn it to adjust volume.
Visual information: LED intensity changes to indicate current audio level.
Output power (DC 24 V): 2 x 16 W.
Output power (DC 27 V): 2 x 18 W.
Output power (DC 30 V): 2 x 20 W.
Minimum load: 4 ohm.
Input sensitivity: 1 V (30 V DC).
Gain: 20 dB.
S/R ratio: 99 dB.
THD + N (4ohm/1 kHz / 10 W): 0.08%.
THD + N (8ohm /1 kHz / 5 W): 0.08%.
Rear panel connector: 1x Euroblock 3 pin (L/R inputs), 2x Euroblock 2 pin (L/R outputs), 1x Euroblock 2 pin (DC voltage).
Front panel connector: 1x Encoder (Volume gain), 1x Mini-jack 3.5 mm (input).
Indicators: Panel indicating light (LED).
Protections: Thermal/short-circuit with auto-recovery, Polarity inversion.
Main supply: DC 24 V - 30 V.
Power consumption: 25 W.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 86 x 86 x 55 mm.
Weight: 1 kg.

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