DMX recorder

DMX PLAYER 5 is an advanced DMX player/recorder featuring 256 channels.Its control panel has direct access on internal memory to find and trigger chases, scenes or shows.

With its internal memory (24 banks of 40 scenes /total 960, 40 chases with up to 99 steps each and 8 shows with up to 99 scenes), it is very convenient when users only have to trigger shows or/and when they do not have any knowledge regarding programming. Thus, a lighting programmer can prepare a large number of scenes and final user will just have to click to trigger them.


    • 256 DMX channels + 40 additional switch channels (On/Off).
    • 24 banks of 40 programmable scenes.
    • Each scene consists in 256 DMX channes with activated fade time.
    • 40 chases, each one with 99 steps.
    • 8 shows, each one with 99 scenes (speed and fade time for independent scene).
    • Data exchange capacity between two units.
    • Master blackout function.
    • Internal microphone for audio synchronization.
    • Units can be linked in Mater/slave mode.
    • DMX polarity selector.
    • Memory against power supply failure.
    • Main supply: DC 9 V, 500 mA min (included power supply unit).
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 132 x 73 mm.
    • Weight : 2.2 kg.

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