BLINDER DMX adds a DMX dimmer with configurable direction that simplify the installation. It is just necessary to join them to the DMX and electricity network. In this way, the dimmers are replaced by an "all-in-one" system, which allows to save a lot of time during the set up.

There are 3 models: BLINDER 836L DMX (8 units), BLINDER 436L DMX (4 units) use PAR 36 lamps and BLINDER 464L DMX that uses4 PAR 64 lamps.

This series adds a 2 channels DMX dimmer (BLINDER 436L DMX) and 4 channels DMX dimmer (BLINDER 836L DMX y BLINDER 464L DMX). DMX starting address and operation mode can be configured by a DIP-SWITCH. The first nine DIPs set the address and the last one its mode.

In the 2 DMX channel model, each channel controls one column of lamps. BLINDER 436L DMX controls two lamps andBLINDER 464L DMX controls each lamp individually.

Every model can be connected to another unit in order to create a larger DMX network.

DMX dimmer channels: 4 channels.
Lamp:4 x 500 W PAR-64.
Dimensions (W xH x D):600 x 560 x 220 mm.
Weight: 8.5 kg.

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