Moving head


BEAM 201. has a wide variety of functions which provides user with a great deal of effects. Its optimized optic system offers a powerful beam light.

BEAM 201. adds 20 DMX control channels for functions such as prism and its rotatios, colour wheel (14 colours + white), gobos wheel (17 fixed gobos + spot), frost function and focus.

Its high efficacy motors provide flowing and quiet movements. Besides DMX mode, BEAM 201. can be controlled through automatic mode and audio. All these parameters can be adjusted using the interface, which allows to select several parameters, from the manual trigger to the reset, inversion of the display position and adjustment of the optics.


20 DMX control channels
Compatible with PHILIPS MSD Platinum 7R (230W)
Colour temperature: 8500 K
Colour wheel: 14 colours + white
Gobos wheel: 17 fixed gobos + spot
8-face rotative prism- Bilateral rotation
Beam angle: 0 - 3.8°
Strobe: double stroboscopic lens (0.5 - 9 f/s)
High precision optic lens
Wash effect with adjustable angle
Linear focus
0 - 100% dimmer
PAN: 540°
TILT: 270°
Control modes: DMX, AUTO and Audio
Flightcase for transport included (for 2 BEAM 201)
Dimensions: 495 x 320 x 360 mm
Weight: 17.5 kg

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