Lifters and Truss

AW 135


Lifting tower accessory.

AW 135 is a lifting tower accessory for truss loading with adjustable attachment width up to 600 mm. The fixings allow a maximum truss tube width of 50mm. It has an insertable tube in the 35 mm tower (male).


  • Distance between fixings for truss adjustable.
Fixing width50 mm
Bar length600 mm
Insert tube diameter35 mm (male)

Related Products

  • LW 142 D
    Telescopic lifting tower. Maximum load: 100 Kg. Maximum height: 4.05 m. Weight: 28.8 Kg.
  • LW 150 D
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  • LW 155 D
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Alternative Products

  • AW 235
    Lifting tower accessory for 25 cm truss load. 35 mm insertable tube (male).
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