Strobe with Aura effect


AVATAR 3000 is a device that combines a strobe with white LEDs and the Aura type effects generated by RGB LEDs located inside. Its advanced technology and a wide range of functionalities allow the creation of all types of lighting events.

AVATAR 3000 has a color touch screen and buttons with access to all its functionalities and configurations, highlighting the manual control of each function, the different control modes (DMX, Auto, Audio and Manual), and access to operating information.

In the DMX control section, AVATAR 3000 has 3 modes (3, 4 and 14 channels), controlling the parameters of the strobe effect and the configuration of both the Aura effects and the level of each individual color.

  • Strobe device with Aura RGB effects.
  • 3, 4 and 14 DMX channels.
  • Touch screen and function buttons.
  • Control ratio and flash duration.
  • Manual control of RGB colours.

Power Supply
100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Light source (Strobe)
240x 5W white LEDs
Light source (backlight)
64x 0.6W RGB LEDs
8 bits per color
Flash rate
0 ? 16.67 Hz
Flash duration
7 ? 650 ms
DMX channels
3, 4 & 14 channels
DMX, Auto, Audio, Manual
4 fans
Input connectors (signal)
3 pin XLR & 5 pin XLR
Output connectors (signal)
3 pin XLR & 5 pin XLR
Main supply connectors
Powercon (input) + Powercon (output/link)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
430x235x150 mm
8,3 Kg