AMC 45

Portable Amplifier. USB/SD. Wireless microphone and flashlight. Power 18 W

82AMC045    Blackdiscontinued

AMC 45 is a complete portable amplification system, composed of a central unit and wireless microphone. One attachment is available to mount the head unit on a stand while the remote control unit allows the remote control.

The central unit has an output up to 18 W and a USB / SD interface for playback and recording MP3 files. The backlit display and buttons ensure fast navigation between folders to choose the content you want to play. This amplification system is completed by an FM tuner and an Aux input, fact that allows to play a huge variety of contents.

For added convenience, the central unit includes a handle and can be hung with its banner. Finally, flashlight function is available with two power LEDs that can be ignited at any time by the user.

Portable Amplifier 18 W RWS (up to 65 W peak).
Integrated Lithium battery.
Wireless microphone and remote control included.
Control bass / treble and ECHO function to adjust the audio from the microphone.
USB / SD interface for recording / playback of MP3 files.
Fixing point to install the unit on a stand.
Backlit LCD display and buttons for easy navigation between folders.
Push button on / off the backlight of the LCD screen.
Input and output AUX.
Mini-jack input for wired microphone.
External speaker output (8 ohm).
Flag and power cord included.
Storage for cables and remote control.
Flashlight Function.
Power supply: built-in lithium battery (11.2 V, 2.6 AH).
Power: 18 W RMS (65 W peak).
Range VHF / UHF: 80 M max.
Wireless-Channel: Single/ Dual Channels.
Frequency range: UHF: 790-820 MHz
Power supply: 100-250 V AC, 50-60 Hz @ 1 A.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 313 x 213 x 175 mm.

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