AMC 15

portable amplifier 8W. USB/SD.

portable amplifier 8W. USB/SD.


AMC 15 is an ultra-portable amplifier designed to people looking for maximum mobility. It is very suitable for speakers , tour guides, teachers of physical activities, etc .

It consists of an 8 W amplifier with rechargeable battery (charger included), headset microphone and shoulder strap to carry on . A carry bag is included to bring the system comfortably when is not in use .

AMC 15 integrates a USB port and an SD card interface . Let you play MP3 files and record content in this format. On the other hand , has an antenna for the FM radio.

  • Portable Amplifier 8 W.
  • USB / SD input for reading and recording MP3 files.
  • Possibility to record up to 1600 minutes (with USB / SD 16GB ).
  • Echo Digital function .
  • Aux Input.
  • Headphones Input .
  • Microphone Input.
  • 9 V DC Input .
  • Lithium battery 7.4 V DC / 2000 mAH.
  • For applications such as teaching, presentation , churches , guides, sports, outdoor entertainment , etc.

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