WPD 1253 B

Power distributor

WPD 1253-B is the most powerful power distributor of the WPD series.Its tri-phase input connector (3P+N+T) allows operating on high level currents (125 A).

It features 4 tri-phase outputs with up to 63 A per phase. If output total is equal to 3x125 A (input), it is possible to use 2 63 A outputs (full capacity) or 4 x 32 A outputs (x3).


Club Touring
Tri-phase power distributor (3x125 A input).
Input with 125 A CEE connector (3P+N+T).
4 x 64 A CEE connector (3P+N+T) with protection lid.
Triple circuit breakers of 63 A on each output.
4x32 A circuit breakers for residual current.
Dimensions: 5U rack units.

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