WMM 216

Audio mixer



It incorporates 2 mono input signal modules (8 channels MIC / LINE with power
Phantom + 48V for condenser microphones), a 3-band equalizer
Semiparametric and 2 pre / post aids for use as a monitor or effect.
They also have a 3-channel stereo PHONO / LINE module with assignment,
Equalization of 3 bands and 2 auxiliary buses and an additional module with 3 channels
Stereo plus crossfader function with channel assignment.
The Master module is configured with a balanced and one unbalanced stereo output,
Both with their own fader, together with one monitor output and one
recording. It incorporates a BASS BOOST control for bass enhancement in this module.

Modular mixer with 14 channels ( 8 mono MIC/LINE + 6 Stereo).
Module of 3 stereo inputs with crossfader and assignment.
Semi-parametric equalizer with adjustable cutoff frequency for mono media channels.
Suppression function equalizer on each channel.
2 auxiliary buses pre / post for monitored and effect.
START function for the launch of turntables or CDs in stereo channels.
Balanced and unbalanced stereo outputs. Monitor and recording outputs.
Function BASS BOOTH for bass enhancing in output.
2 Send / Returns for connection of external elements.
Front BNC 12V lamp.
Headphone output with volume control.
Stereo VU meter 12 x 2 LEDs with selector Master / PFL.
Dimensions: 592 x 360 x 96 mm.
Weight: 7.3 Kg.

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